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What colors are in my palette?

I have slowly been adding to my Daniel Smith watercolors collection. This is a Meeden tin I purchased from Amazon. I removed the tray that held the pans in (it came with half pans but they sell them empty - this one just happened to be cheaper) I attached small adhesive backed magnets to the bottom of the full pans and placed them in the tin.

I bought a couple sets, so I ended up with a couple similar / same colors, but the price was better buying them in the set than individually at the time. Here is the list of colors I currently have, it zig zags starting from top left. They are arranged in the order Daniel Smith lists them in their chart:

Hansa Yellow Light

Hansa Yellow Deep

New Gamboge

Mayan Orange

Pyrrol Scarlet

Pyrrol Red

Permanent Red Deep

Quinacridone Rose

Quinacridone Purple

Carbazole Violet




French Ultramarine

Cobalt Blue

Phthalo Blue (GS)

Prussian Blue


Phthalo Turquoise


Hookers Green

Sap Green

Undersea Green

Yellow Ochre

Quinacridone Deep Gold

Deep Scarlet

Transparent Brown Oxide

Burnt Sienna Light

Burnt Umber


Neutral Tint

Ivory Black

Everything looks so messy because I started out by putting these paints in a tray palette and in half pans but decided later I didn't like those and wanted full size pans. If you take a look at one of my older posts I made a demo video of my process for transferring these paints. Daniel Smith paints are too expensive to just not salvage them!

There are a few colors I'm realizing I never use. Those were generally some of the colors I got initially. I bought these two sets on Amazon: The Alvaro Castagnet Set and the Essential Mixing Set. They were a steal at the time and I ended up getting them for around $4-5 / tube by buying them this way. Whether I saved much money is up for debate considering now I have a few colors I don't really use and I ended up with 2 nearly identical ultramarine blues.

I'm curious what your go to colors are? Which do you absolutely have to have in your palette? I have room for a few more pans in this box and I could swap out a couple others I don't really use so I'm up for suggestions!

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