Watercolor beach scene

Day 28 of #doodlewashfebruary2020 is “beach” - I have been working on a new idea for a class on skills hate so haven’t been keeping up on these prompts this last week! I used three of my new brushes from @princetonbrush - Select Artiste grainer, Velvetouch 1/4” dagger striper, and this Velvetouch 1/2” wash brush! Loved them all and they will be used a lot I’m sure! This was my first time using a grainer so I will have to practice a bit to get the hang of it completely. #princetonbrushes are definitely my preferred brushes! I painted this on a 5x7 #fabrianoartistico block with #danielsmithwatercolors in shown colors. I also tried out the new video camera I got today from an amazon warehouse deal and I've got that uploaded to YouTube now!

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