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Watercolor All Occasion Cards with Gold Leaf Accents

I just published a fun new class on you are sure to want to take! If you are new to watercolor or a pro you can still have fun making these designs for all occasion cards! I am also going to teach you how to add gold leaf to your watercolor artwork! This is a fun technique to learn if you've never done it before!

Find the class right here (and also under my Links section):

This is a premium class on Skillshare so you will need to join to watch the entire class. If you currently aren't a member you can use this link to get two FREE months of Skillshare premium from me! Woo hoo!

Just click on this link on my link and you'll get TWO FREE MONTHS! Not only can you watch my class, but there are thousands of other amazing creative people who have made classes for you in tons of creative subjects including graphic design, photography, running your own shop and so much more! I have been taking so many classes to learn how to make the most of my art business and have been learning how to use Photoshop and Illustrator to help me turn my artwork into amazing products!

Here are some of the projects you can make in my watercolor class:

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