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Vintage and Made Fair

I was so impressed with this outdoor fair! It was so much fun and I was so happy my husband helped me out. I was busy almost all day and the weather was great. I talked to so many people about my passion for watercolor and made connections with potential customers for painting house portraits for holiday gifts.

Here are some pictures I took of my setup and a few my husband took of me during the day too (he is really talented at taking pictures of my back side lol)

This was my first outdoor show I have ever done. I learned a lot about how I plan to set up for the next show in November. I definitely need more display baskets and shelves and I plan to build some or buy some shelving to use vertical space more since I won’t have the tent at the indoor show. My space for the next show is a bit bigger too so I will need more tables too.

If you live in Central Iowa and are looking for a great handmade or vintage fair I highly recommend it. there was great leave music, awesome food trucks and great people who love to support local artists.

I sold out of a couple of my prints so I will definitely have more on hand of those most popular designs for my next show and I plan to do this show again next year too.

Vintage and Made Fair

Adel, Iowa

Dallas County Fairgrounds

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