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Lemons & Limes oh my!

I've gone a little crazy with the citrus last night and this afternoon. It's so bright and refreshing especially on this cold rainy day during the beginning of our first of an unknown number of weeks we will be holed up at home. (I have a 1 1/2 year old and 4 year old who I stay home with, but no preschool to get a break from my oldest for the next month and nothing is open to take them to!)

So I'm making these bright cheerful paintings to brighten my spirits. I love how it turned out! I even put together a little tutorial sheet for you or you can watch my video on painting lime slices here:

I painted this Lemon & Lime "We're Better Together" painting for #artinsidewithjerrys challenge. Prompt for day 1 is "Together".

Supplies for my Lemon & Lime Slices painting:

Nujabi Handmade paper from Jerry's Artarama size 5x7

Daniel Smith watercolor - Hansa Yellow Light & Deep, Hookers Green

Princeton Velvetouch rounds 1 & 4

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