Learn to paint - Kiwi

I'm thinking of starting a series of simple paintings shown step by step for a photo series to add to the tutorial videos I'm making for my YouTube channel. I made a lime tutorial earlier today and then tried out one for Kiwi. Still figuring out what style I want to do for these and make it my own. Will be good practice too!

You can find my tutorial for lime slices here: https://www.mrshandpainted.com/post/lemons-limes-oh-my

Supplies I used:

Strathmore 500 precut sheet size 8x10 (obviously the kiwi didn't take a whole sheet but my tutorial and step etc. did use a whole sheet)

Princeton Velvetouch round brushes size 1 & 6

Daniel Smith watercolors - Hansa Yellow Light, Hookers Green, Burnt Sienna Light & Ivory Black

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