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Ladybug on clover & an unfinished chipmunk today

Keeping up with the challenge prompts for #doodlewashMarch2020 with day 4 & 5 today. I painted this chipmunk during my daughter's way too short nap, with my son sitting on my lap insisting on painting with me. I had to keep reminding him of using HIS paint and HIS paper and not Mommy's things! I did let him use one of my extra paint brushes and some paper samples I wasn't going to use.

My husband's mortal enemy is the ground squirrel, squinny, chipmunk, whatever you want to call them! He has dedicated a crazy amount of time to eradicating them from our yard as they like to use our garden as their own personal buffet, especially the coveted strawberries! I didn't get to finish the log it was sitting on or the background on this, but I just didn't have it in me to return to it tonight after bedtime. I ended up moving on to the next prompt, Ladybug, instead.

Supplies for chipmunk:

Fabriano Artistico paper sample from Jerry's Artarama

Daniel Smith Watercolors - Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Neutral Tint, Quinacridone Rose, Sap Green

Princeton Velvetouch round size 6

Supplies for Ladybug:

Bee Paper

Daniel Smith Watercolors - Mayan Orange, New Gamboge, Sap Green, Neutral Tint, Burnt Umber, Undersea Green, Hookers Green

Dr. Ph. Martin's bleed proof white

Princeton Velvetouch brushes - 1/2" wash, 6 round, 18/0 spotter

I did video them both, the chipmunk one did not work out as Hunter is all over it and kept wiggling the camera so not going to edit that one at all. The ladybug I haven't decided if I should turn into tutorial video or just do a time lapse process video instead. I will save it and add it to my to do list!

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