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Kitchen utensil illustration tutorial

I wanted to try my hand at a simple watercolor tutorial. Something you can hang up in your kitchen or dining room! You can customize the colors to match your decor or you can match my paints used which I've listed in the supplies below.

1) Supplies:

*Round synthetic paintbrushes (I'm using Princeton Velvetouch) sizes 1, 4 & 6

*Cotton watercolor paper (I'm using Arches) size 9 x 12 - adjust size as you wish

*Watercolor paints - the colors I use are Mijello Mission Gold tube watercolors I have put into pans previously. I will also provide alternates in Daniel Smith and the pigment numbers for you to find matches in your paints.

MG = Mission Gold DS = Daniel Smith

MG Raw Umber PBr7 & PY65 Alt: DS Raw Umber PBr7 mix DS Hansa Yellow Deep PY 65

MG Quinacridone Permanent Rose PV19 Alt: DS Quinacridone Rose PV19

MG Permanent Yellow Light PY154 Alt: DS Azo Yellow PY151

MG Peacock Blue PB15:3 & PG7 Alt: DS Phthalo Turquoise PB15:3 & PG36

OR DS Phthalo Blue(GS) PB15:3 mixed with Phthalo Green(BS) PG7

MG Ivory Black PBk 7 Alt: DS Lamp Black PBk6

Other supplies: watercolor pencil or water soluble pencil for sketching, light pad for tracing sketch if wanted, mixing palette, water cups, paper towel

2) Sketch design

I have trouble free handing brush lettering so often times I will draw it ahead of time in watercolor pencil and then paint over it. I can erase any extra pencil to make it as light as possible. If you aren't confident with free handing brush lettering you can try printing out your lettering in a font you like from your computer and tracing it. This is a great way to practice and learn lettering!

Here is a link to the pdf of my sketch for this utensil artwork.

3) Paint the flowers

I paint the flowers first so you aren't painting over top of the utensils. We will fill that in after and go around the flowers. You can customize this with whatever colors or type of flowers or greenery you wish! Don't paint the centers of the flowers until they are dry to avoid bleeding. The centers can be painted in the last step - The Details.

4) Paint the utensils

Paint the two in the center first that did not have flowers to allow time for the flowers to dry and avoid bleeding. If the flowers aren't dry, set your painting to the side for a few minutes or use a heat too / dryer to speed the process up. Paint around the flowers. Use a size 1 brush to paint the whisk.

5) Paint lettering

I used watercolor and a size 1 round brush. You can use brush pen markers if you prefer.

6) The Details

Time to add the centers of your flowers and do any touch ups on your painting!

Here is the video posted to YouTube! I hope you enjoyed painting this fun kitchen decor piece!

Thanks for watching!

Jodie (MrsHandPainted)

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