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How to Make Homemade Watercolor Binder

In one of my most recent tutorials on my YouTube channel I shared my recipe and process for making my own homemade watercolor binder. I use this binder when making my handmade watercolor paints I have been selling in my Etsy shop since last Summer.

You can find the video here:

How to Make Handmade Watercolor Tutorial Series - How to Make Binder / Watercolor Medium https://you

In this first video of my video series on making handmade watercolor paint I will show you how to make watercolor binder / medium. This is the "glue" that holds your pigment together and adhere it to your paper. You will mix this with your powdered pigment to create watercolor paint.

My supplies:

Large batch fits in quart size jar:

2 cups Distilled water

1 cup Gum Arabic powder ("glue")

2 oz Vegetable Glycerin (used as a humectant to help paint rewet)

8-10 drops Clove Essential Oil (preservative)


Quart mason jar with screw top lid

Cheese cloth

measuring cups

Spoon for stirring

Large mixing bowl

Optional: Honey (runny honey / thin is best)

Other essential oils of your choice

I add honey when I'm mixing pigments and do not include it in my base binder. You can also choose to add more vegetable glycerin instead of honey is you are interested in creating a vegan binder solution. Some makers will add other essential oils for different reasons, whether it be to make their paint smell better or for added antibacterial protection against mold.

If you are interested in more information about how I make my watercolor paints please check out my other videos and my instagram where I share videos of my paint making process.

You can find all of my handmade watercolor paints in my Etsy shop which is linked on my website:


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