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Etsy Listing Tips - Using Tags, Titles & Descriptions

In my last post I talked about using different print on demand services to turn you art into products and my opinions on each company. I spent the last couple of days adding items to both by Society6 shop and Etsy shop. I also realized I wasn't doing myself any favors by not taking the extra time to use all of Etsy's features on my listings.

When you push those items from the print on demand site to your Etsy shop, it doesn't fill in all of Etsy's available options. Etsy has tons of attributes you can assign to your listings such as sizes, materials and type of pattern etc. I updated all of my descriptions for my items. Since I had added multiple items with the same pattern or designs I took some time to write up a description for those patterns and saved it in a word document I could copy and paste into the description for each of those items. This saves me time so I don't have to type it every time and come up with detailed descriptions for each item.

I'm using the default item description for the product itself that auto populates from the print on demand site (Gooten or Printful) and then I add the info about the pattern design below that. I also added general pattern info letting customers know if they like a pattern but don't see it on an item they like, I can make a listing with that desired pattern and item available in my shop.

I also updated all the tags on my items. Etsy allows 13 tags and you should try and use all of them! I updated all of my tags and tried to come up with variations of what people might search for. I also updated all my titles to try and use as many characters as I could to fill it up.

I'm hoping after all of that work my views will go up which will turn into sales! Nobody will buy your items if they aren't able to find them and they aren't seeing them in their search!

Another update I made was trying to add a few more pictures where possible. In my last post I had talked about my dislike of the mockup options for Gooten's products. I purchased a few mockups for blankets etc. and created images to add to my listings so the picture you see isn't just a flat rectangle of a blanket. I also added some frame mockups to my digital print download listings.

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