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Easter Tiered Tray Decor

I have been steadily selling my Valentine tiered tray pieces the last couple of weeks and I really wanted to get ahead of the game on upcoming holiday tray decorations. I also have a St. Patrick’s day set up, which I hope will be a bit more popular when Valentine’s day passes next week.

I am absolutely loving the color scheme I went with for this set. I chose to do a farmhouse style design with little shiplap signs and a color scheme of lilac, white, yellow, gray and black. The shiplap frames I stained with a dark brown gel stain and all the other pieces I sprayed with spray paint. I tried the spray paint this go around, as I was starting to spend a very long time hand painting each little piece and going through a LOT of foam brushes. I was pleasantly surprised it actually works so much better doing it this way! The only problem is finding a wide range of colors in spray paint.

I did end up ordering some Montana Gold spray paint from Jerry’s Artarama to use. I am just waiting for my order to arrive later this week! I am very excited to try out this spray paint as it is acrylic paint and is not supposed to have the horrible smell traditional spray paint has. While It is a tiny bit more expensive, I think the cost will be worth it as it will be a better product to work with hopefully and have a wider range of colors to choose from.

You can find the Easter tiered tray set in my shop now!

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