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Easter Bunny watercolor

I'm looking forward to Easter this year with my two little cuties. My son will be 4 in March and my daughter will be 18 months old so it will surely be a great egg hunt on Easter morning. My son was obsessed with this bunny I painted tonight - it delayed him getting into bed and he insisted on taping it up in his room before bed. I love how he compliments my work - I hope it elicits the same admiration from adults too! Haha!

I tried out a technique for adding fur texture with a deerfoot brush. Hopefully my video will load up some time tonight and I can edit the video this weekend to post on my YouTube channel. I'm looking for a better way to film overhead video as it seems to be quite difficult to transfer video from my phone quickly. My Canon EOS is too heavy and cumbersome to try and mount above my desk. Perhaps I need to look into a dedicated video recorder I can use just for making watercolor videos. Maybe an early birthday present for myself?

Supplies for this painting:

Legion Stonehenge cotton watercolor block - size 7 x 10

Mijello Mission Gold Watercolors - various colors from palette - Sepia, Quin Perm. Rose, Raw Umber, Perm. Yellow Light, Hookers Green, Olive Green and Peacock Blue

Princeton Select Artiste Deerfoot 1/4", Velvetouch round size 6

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