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Doodlewash February challenges continue - Day 11 Bees

I started out with something completely different. I thought I'd try a cutesy cartoon type illustration and I just could not make it happen the way I pictured in my head. I was impatient for paint to dry and I messed it up. I started over with a new idea and found an acrylic painting by The Art Sherpa on Pinterest. I didn't follow her tutorial but just used the image for inspiration.

I'm really happy with how the bee turned out. I went with a really loose style on the flowers and my scale is a bit off. I should have done a small jar / smaller paper but overall I like this painting quite a bit. I did film it using a different set up - this time with my iPhone. There's the edited time lapse of this painting below.


Legion Paper Stonehenge watercolor block in size 7x10

Mijello Mission Gold watercolors - mainly used Cerulean, Ivory Black, Permanent Yellow Light, Hookers Green, Bright Clear Violet and Quinacridone Crimson Lake (and some others that were previously mixed on my palette in similar shades.)

Brushes - Princeton Velvetouch rounds 1 & 6

Other - square appetizer plates are from World Market store

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