Beginner Sunset Tutorial

Looking for an easy landscape to paint? This won't take you long to finish and you don't have to use expensive professional paints to achieve it!

Here is the reference photo I used - found on Pinterest. Uploaded by Iowa photographer Mandy Miller.

Supplies I use in the video:

Fabriano Artistico 5x7" block

Art Philosophy Classic Palette

Princeton Velvetouch brushes 1/2" wash, 10 round, 1/4" dagger striper

You can use any paper you wish, I recommend using 100% cotton paper and if you don't have access to paper block you will want to tape your paper down to your table / desk or to a piece of cardboard to prevent your paper buckling or curling. Leave it taped until it's completely dry!

Alternative brushes - any flat wash brush or large round brush and a small detail brush like a round 1 or 2, rigger or liner brush.

Here's a list of my favorite art supplies you can purchase on Amazon.

I also buy a lot of supplies online from Jerry's Artarama and they have great prices and fast shipping!

Visit my Instagram for more of my paintings: @mrshandpainted and use #mrshandpainted to share your work with me! I'd love to see your paintings!

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